5 Best Cheeses for Paninis

Are you a cheese lover? Then you must be someone who never misses the cheese aisle in a supermarket. Cheeses are great for sandwiches, especially paninis. These are grilled sandwiches made from various types of bread, cold cut meat, vegetables, and cheese. You can add different types of cheese to your panini to get a different taste every time. The best thing about adding cheese to a grilled sandwich is that the cheese melts and gets into the meat and other ingredients in the panini, making the sandwich juicy and delicious. If you are wondering which cheese would go best with panini, then here is a list for you to help you pick the best cheese.

Fontina cheese

Fontana cheese is one of the top cheese used in panini recipes.

This cheese is nutty in flavor. It is a smooth cheese that is used in paninis. Mushrooms will really go well with this cheese. This cheese is made from the milk of Italian cows. This cheese is used in many panini recipes. It has a sweet taste and a lovely smell that blends well with the panini bread.

Mozzarella cheese

Mozarilla cheese is one of the best cheese used in panini recipe.

Many people cannot think of grilled sandwich without mozzarella cheese. This extremely popular and delicious cheese is perfect for many recipes of paninis.

Goat cheese

Goat cheese is one of the top cheeses used in panini recipes.

These are very soft cheeses. It is creamy and can get inside the bread of the sandwich well once grilled. This cheese is a little expensive, but your panini will taste awesome!

Cheddar cheese

Cheddar Cheese is one of the best cheeses used in panini recipes.

You will find this cheese in various sandwiches. You can get lots of varieties of cheddar cheeses on the market. The cheddar cheese is a bit dry, but can still melt into the panini very easily.

Brie cheese

For a rich cheesy and creamy flavor, the brie cheese is the best option for your panini. It goes well with turkey breast paninis. You should try this cheese on your panini today!

Brie cheese is one of the best cheeses used in panini recipes.
Cheese is an integral part of paninis. Just the way you are choosy about your bread and meat in the panini, cheese is also a vital ingredient to consider. These cheeses just mentioned are especially good for grilled sandwiches, making it perfect for paninis. When you go to the grocery store to buy cheese for panini, make sure that you choose one from a renowned brand. This will improve the flavor of your panini. You can check out different food blogs online to see recipes of paninis that use these cheeses as part of their ingredients. Now that you already know the top cheeses to make paninis, check out the Best Panini Makers of 2017!