5 Best Cold Cut Meats to Use for Paninis

If you are craving for some evening snack, then a panini can be a great choice. This super delicious food is a favorite of many people. The food is light, yet makes you feel full. It consists of bread, cheese, vegetables and grilled meat —- all the healthy ingredients your body needs.

The word ‘panini’ in the Italian language means ‘sandwich’. Bread and meat are the most important ingredients of panini. You can choose from white bread, baguette, michetta, etc. You must use any juicy meat for grilling. Then you need to choose the type of cheese. You can add vegetables of your choice and then place it in your panini press to make delicious panini.

The most difficult task in making panini is the choice of bread and meat. In case of meat, it is essential that you choose meat that is juicy. Here are some great choices for you.

Roast beef

Roast beef is an all-time favorite panini-filling.

You need to cook the beef over medium heat till it is fully cooked. Once it gets softened, it will be ideal to put on your panini. You should apply mayonnaise on the bread before adding the roast beef. You can then add cheese and vegetables of your choice to complete this wonderful recipe.


Chicken is the safest filling you can serve to guests of all ages.

With chicken, you can make a number of different styles of paninis, like smoked chicken, or plain chicken breast. This recipe is ideal for children as it’s not very spicy. You can fill in the panini with other ingredients of your choice.


Bacon panini is best for breakfast.

There is nothing like the smell of the frying bacon. This meat is very juicy and will bring out the real flavor out of your panini. Make sure you choose mozzarella or other cheese and add tomatoes or lettuce to boost the taste of your panini.


Make everyday a thanks giving day with a turkey-filled panini.

Turkey breasts are also a very popular cold meat choice for paninis. You can include fruits like strawberry slices with cheese and basil leaves for a unique taste.


A ham-filled panini is always a sweet treat!

Though you get it from pork, just like bacon, but it actually tastes very different. Paninis made from grilled hams are also very delicious for lunch or snacks.

You can make varieties of paninis with these cold meats. The meat breasts are grilled and the juice of the meat mixes with the vegetables, cheese, and fruits to create an exotic flavor. Panini is a very healthy meal and you must have a panini press at home so that you can make delicious paninis for your family members often. You can also try out paninis from the best restaurants in your town to know the varieties of ingredients that you can use in your panini.