5 types of panini makers to choose from

Paninis are great to eat for lunch or evening snack. The crispy texture of the bread and the melted cheese inside along with your favorite meat and vegetables are just too much to resist. If you like this food, then it’s better that you buy a panini maker for yourself. This way you won’t have to make several journeys to the restaurants and spend too much money in the long run. Having a panini maker at home also helps in serving your guests and makes it convenient to cook a quick snack when you are running out of time.

A panini press applies pressure on both sides of the panini and toasts the bread. This lets the food inside gets cooked evenly. You will love the grill. Today’s panini makers have several features. There are different types of panini makers available according to function, materials, and other factors. Here we are going to discuss some of the best types of panini makers.

Basic Panini maker

This is a small Basic Panini Press that leave eautiful grill marks on the panini bread.

This is a small appliance that you can keep on your countertop. There are non-removable plates that leave grilled marks on the good. When you switch on the appliance, the upper and lower plates get heated. You need to place the food inside and press the plates. After a few minutes, your food will be ready. This type of panini maker is ideal for home use.

Panini Press having Removable Plates

A panini press with removable plates and hinged panini press are almost identical, except for the fact that plates are removable on one.

This type of panini maker has removable plates. Unlike the basic panini press that has both surfaces ridged, the plate on one side of this panini maker is smooth and the other ridge. This type of panini maker is easy to clean as you will be able to remove the plates. Some manufacturers also provide waffle plates along with this panini maker, thus giving the customers more options.

Hinged Countertop panini maker

Hinged countertop panini makers can be used in shops and also at home.

This type of panini maker provides more versatility. You can use it like the basic panini maker. This panini maker has hinges, so you can leave it open to increase the cooking area. In certain models the plates are non-removable. There are drip trays so that grease doesn’t fall into the surface. You can also vary the heat using the setting menu.

Medium-duty panini maker

This type of p\panini maker are common at cafe's and other bread shops.

This type of panini maker is ideal for use in the café or sandwich shop. These machines can withstand frequent use. Shops will be always busy with visitors and you will need to make sandwiches frequently. This panini maker is manufactured in a way that it can take the extra load. You can use it for grilling sandwiches, warming tortillas, cooking meats, etc.

Heavy-duty panini maker

Heavy duty Panini Press are used in bigger restaurants and coffee shops.

This panini maker is perfect for a high-volume commercial kitchen. Every day it can produce dozens of sandwiches. If you have a big restaurant or hotel then this panini maker is the right choice for you.

The panini makers can be categorized according to the type of material, plate materials, and other options as well. You should choose according to your preference and need.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying a panini maker.


If the panini maker is made up of aluminium then it will be able to heat up faster and cool down faster as well. However, it won’t be able to handle frequent use. So, it will be ideal for use at home. Cast-iron panini makers are strongly built. These can handle heavy-duty works. So, if you are considering buying a panini maker for shops or restaurants then you should buy this type of panini maker. You will also get non-stick panini maker that uses less oil. So, if you are health conscious then this type of panini maker is the right choice for you.

Plate materials

Panini makers vary according to the plate materials. You can have plates with grill lines of both top and bottom. This type of panini maker makes the food look very attractive. There is panini maker that has a smooth top and bottom. You will get a griddle effect on food. There are groove top and smooth bottom option in which one side of your sandwich will have those grill lines. There is another type of panini maker that has dual units. So, you can change between functions. You can have both smooth and grill effect on the same machine. This is the perfect solution for a coffee shop or restaurant where the customers can demand various types of food.

Number of units

A panini maker may have a single unit or double unit. As you will have to place the panini maker on your countertop, many people prefer the single unit as it takes up less space. But double unit panini maker allows more versatility. You will be able to cook different dishes at a time with the panini maker.

Before buying a panini maker you must read the reviews. Try to invest in a good panini maker so that you can use it for a long time. You will be able to cook delicious sandwiches and other dishes with your panini maker.