6 Best Healthy Bread Panini Recipes

They said sandwiches were invented in England and I’m inclined to believe that. If you think well you’ll notice that two loaves of bread and something dull between them is typically British. It’s quick, efficient, and it feeds, taste is not relevant as long as the thing keeps me up and working.

The Italians must’ve looked to that atrocity and reacted with a loud mamma mia. After a while they must’ve realized the idea was not that stupid and that the new arrangement of food – because it was yet to early to call it a dish – had true potential. So, kitchen junkies as they are, they worked hard on the improvement of sandwich and gave panini to the world. Or something like it, I don’t think is possible to know the history in detail.


With the advent of our modern world, though, a very high number of people began to worry about healthy food. Today those people shall be indulged, for they’ll find here a list of six healthy bread for Panini recipes.

Mushrooms and Lettuce:

For this sandwich you will want to cut in really tiny pieces whatever the mushrooms you’re using and after that you should wrap the pieces up inside lettuce leaves. Boil the combination for just a few minutes and make your panini.

Tomatoes, Ricotta and Oregano:

Slice the tomatoes real thin and do the same with the ricotta cheese. Pour oregano on the loaves of bread and press them real tight. You can also toast the sandwich a little bit so it will be crispy and a true delight to eat. And you know what would make this sandwich a lot better? Your tomatoes. That’s right, tomatoes are not that difficult to grow in your backyard or even by your windows if we are talking about those little ones. Oregano can also be grown at home at glass or plastic jars you don’t use anymore. So you have no excuses, it would be very nice if someday you did one of these panini sandwiches with home grown ingredients.

Onion, Garlic and Pepper:

OK, this is for the strong and single ones. Let’s face sit your mouth will smell like the gates of Hades after this one, but if this is your kind of flavor go for it. Slice the onions, shatter the garlic and cut the pepper – it can be the read or the green one – and carefully arrange them between the loaves of bread. Bon Appetit.

Peas and corn:

Wet the loaves of bread with margarine and carefully place peas and corn all over it. You will be surprised with the result. Not much mystery here just peas, corn and margarine. You can replace the margarine for butter but I think that some people would remove the label healthy from your panini sandwich.

Tuna or Salmon:

If you happen to like sushi think of this recipe as a kind of approach to it, a type of almost sushi sandwich so to speak. Place two thin layers of tuna or salmon on one loaf and close the sandwich with the other one. Enjoy it cold.

Broccoli and cheese:

This one is as classic as it’s healthy. Do not underestimate this combination, try experimenting and see what works best for you.