Top 3 Benefits of Healthy Panini Recipes

God bless Italy and its crazy for top-notch food people. Seriously, almost everything that is delicious and fattening Italians either invented or upgraded it. What would the world be without pasta, pizza, ravioli, lasagna and all the others fantastic meals of this fantastic country that looks ready to kick you on your behind?

One of the mentioned upgrades performed by the Italians was on sandwiches, the so-they-say English invention that consists of something edible between two loaves of bread. The Italians may have found it too barbaric and then went on to polish it. The results were the paninis, delicious little sandwiches prepared with much more art and care.

There are countless panini recipes out there, but today we’ll learn about some benefits of the so called healthy ones.

Benefits of Healthy Panini Recipes

They usually are easy to make:

Especially if you live in the frantic stressful environment that a big city manages to be every single day during the entire walk of the earth around our golden beloved and sometimes irritating “yellow sun”, to use Superman’s words, you don’t have that much time to eat on your week days. Preparing yourself a lunch sounds like a ludicrous joke intended to remind you how unhappy you are with your current life, sounds like a strong impossibility. You don’t have a choice, you have to defrost that meal that comes in a box in your microwave, eat quicker as the Flash would and get back to your work while still chewing the last piece of it, or even before finishing it all. How in the world would you prepare yourself a nice lunch?

Healthy panini recipes are usually easy and quick to make, quicker than the waiting time of many frost foods. You can eat well and still have time to look a little bit at the sky.

They are cheap:

Does lettuce sound expensive? Are onions expensive? And what about ricotta? Does oregano cost an eye or a leg? Is margarine the price of silver? Another advantage of healthy panini sandwiches is that their ingredients are so cheap and not only that: you can grow many of those ingredients at your own home! Just imagine living in a big hectic city and growing your food and preparing meals with it! You will feel amazing, you will feel special, you will glance to the people filling their carts of frost meals in the supermarket and you will glide in joy for you will be the master of your own nutrition.

And when people ask you why are you so happy every day you might say that your body is locked in the city towers but your soul inhabits the open fields of food freedom.

Just be careful not to start a cult over this.

The leftovers are easy to clean:

The leftovers are really easy to clean in comparison to the majority of other dishes, and this means more time for you? Isn’t time the true treasure of life? If you eat healthy panini recipes in a regular basis your time of washing dishes will be reduced, and any crumb left on the table towel is also super-easy to be removed. More time, more life.